The WALBO team takes over if a catalogue solution is not enough. Our qualified staff, that has more than 20 years of experience in the field, will help you with the design and delivery of non-standard transmissions. We follow DIN 3990, ISO 6336 and AGMA 2001 standards when designing transmissions.
Our designers work with the KISSsoft calculation program for machine design. This software allows us to create our own designs and ensure the strength inspection of gearing, shafts and bearings. We then create the technical drawings in the SolidWorks program.

We design and supply the following gearbox types

  • Helical
  • Bevel
  • Planetary
  • Worms
  • Combined 

We supply gearboxes for the following industries

  • Power engineering - Drives of conveyors, crushers, mills and stockyard machines
  • Open pit mining  - conveyors and mining machines
  • Cement Plant - Drives of conveyors, elevators, stockyard machines
  • Metallurgy  - Drives for sinter plant technology,  pig iron production  and continuous casting
  • Coke batteries - Drives of conveyors, coking machines
  • Cranes - bogie drives, cat drives
  • Ship Industry - Lifting anchor drives and ship winch drives


We mostly use the following materials for components

Gearbox body
S355J2, S235JR acc. EN 10025
castings EN-GJS-500-7

Gears and pinions
18CrNiMo7-6, 16MnCr5 acc. EN 10084
34CrNiMo6, 42CrMo4 acc. EN 10083

34CrNiMo6, 42CrMo4 acc. EN 10083